The single most frequent, and important, thing the canonical epistles say about the devil and his kingdom of powers and demons is that they have been defeated by the death and resurrection of Christ. The confident proclamation of Christ’s victory resounds throughout the whole of the New Testament. But this is not the only thing these writing have to say about the demonic realm. Since we live in the dynamic tension between the “already/not yet” of Christ’s victory, these defeated forces yet have to be reckoned with. Between the D-day of the cross and the V-day of the eschaton, there…
Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I have prepared this study on fasting in order to provide you with guidelines as you practise this important and impactful spiritual discipline. Some have requested that I prepare such a study. I am very happy to do so. Three matters in particular have influenced my thoughts in preparing this study. (1) My understanding of fasting as seen in Holy Scripture. (2) My own personal practice of prayer and fasting. (3) The wise insights of others – including those in the medical community – who have written on the subject of…
SPIRITUAL FORMATION: A LIFELONG LIFESTYLE Spiritual formation is the dynamic process whereby the Word of God is applied by the Spirit of God to the heart and mind of the child of God so that he or she becomes more like the Son of God.1 "Spiritual Formation is not simply a college course on your academic transcript. More importantly, much more importantly, spiritual formation is meant to be a lifelong lifestyle." I spoke these words to 184 graduating students on Friday March 27, 2015 when Sheila and I had the privilege of returning to our most recent previous place of…

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